About Allsorts Dog Rescue

Visiting Us
e do not have a centre as such that people can come along to browse through the dogs. Information on each dog is available through the website, and this information is updated daily. Our website has been running since November 2008 and is already seeing over 3,000 hits a month. We simply do not have the resources to operate a centre with full time staff. We will make arrangements for you to meet the dog if you are serious about re-homing it.

Where do we keep our dogs ?
We operate via a network of foster homes and we use a private boarding Kennels in Sussex where we can keep our dogs at a generously reduced fee.

Adoption Restrictions:
We have very few specific restrictions. However, applicants should ideally live within a 20 mile radius of Brighton to enable us to do home checks and follow up visits. We are not keen on homing dogs into families with small children. Sorry, but too many dogs get thrown out when kids arrive. We also will not home a dog where all adults are away from the house all day. Generally speaking the dog must have an adult in the house every 4 hours and more frequently is preferred.

Adoption success.
We typically re-home about 10 - 20 dogs each month.

What do we do?

Allsorts is primarily setup to find homes for unwanted, unloved and abandoned dogs in Sussex. Many dogs are strays that have been picked up by various local councils and passed onto us for re-homing. In some cases we take dogs that are 24 hours or less away from being destroyed.

We do not normally acknowledge this when advertising a dog as we do not want anyone to re-home a dog simply because they believe they are saving its life. We also re-home dogs for people that contact us directly with a problem. This is usually a relationship breakdown, a death in the family or serious illness. Occasionally it will be something trite. BUT, we always put the dogs interest first.

We also have contacts in the Greyhound world and we re-home retiring racers, injured, timid and greyhounds deemed unsuitable for racing.

Re-homing process

The following is the typical process for re-homing a dog from us.
  • First you have to identify the dog you want to adopt.
  • If you are on the internet, make sure you have read the dogs page.
  • A home visit will take place to ensure that you and the dog are right for each other.
  • You collect the dog, or sometimes, we will deliver the dog to you.
  • Pay the non refundable donation fee and sign the forms agreeing to look after the dog and never part with it, unless to come back to us because of death or famine. If your dog develops behaviour habits you dont like, then you need to find out why and take steps to modify the problem. DO NOT JUST GIVE UP ON THE DOG. Call us, go and see your vet, buy a book, rent a dvd, see a dog behaviourist, take it to training classes. BUT DO NOT LEAVE THE PROBLEM UNTIL THE SITUATON IS IMPOSSIBLE. Any problem can be resolved quickly if caught and acted upon.
  • Follow up call or visit.
  • Send us pictures and let us know how you are getting on.
Allsorts Dog Rescue


Once you have taken your new dog home, we do not just forget about you. We will follow up with either a call or a visit to make sure that everything is going well.
If you are having problems, then we are always at the end of the telephone and if necessary we will make repeat visits to assist you and offer advice and support.
Allsorts Dog Rescue is also on Facebook where you can discuss with other dog lovers, any problems or issues you have.
If things really do not work out, then as a last resort we will take the dog back and find another home for him/her.

If you would like to support us and wish to make a donation please click the "Donate" button below.