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Please do not use this form to send a simple message or a correction, use the "reply to" option from your confirmation email. If you are interested in more than one dog, DO NOT SEND MULTIPLE FORMS, simply put up to three dogs on this form. Multiple applications for loads of dogs give the impression of window shopping, so please only fill this form in with regard to dogs you think you would seriously like to give a home to. Normally we would expect three dogs to be listed only in a case where you really dont mind which dog you might get and/or one or two of your other choices may have already been homed. Please complete this form as fully as possible.

We will do our best to process the form as quickly as possible and we aim to acknowledge your interest within 48 hours. If you make a subsequent application for a dog, then you must fill in all the fields again. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by applications and occasionally do not reply to applicants. If this happens to you, then we apologise to you. But, we do keep your details on record. We are a very small organisation and sometimes struggle to keep up with the admin work. Rest assured we are grateful to all applicants for considering one of our dogs. Please fill the form in carefully as mistakes can lead to your application being dismissed.

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NOTE: Allsorts Dog Rescue will not rehome where resident dogs are NOT neutered or spayed, if this is the case then please do not proceed any further with this application form.

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