It is our policy NOT to rehome dogs outside of a 20 miles radius from Brighton in East Sussex.

If you are really keen to home one of our dogs and you live outside this zone, then you will be expected to provide written proof that you have been homechecked by another Animal Rescue in your area or your Local RSPCA. You will also have to provide details of the Vet you are currently registered with. We will contact both of these prior to contacting you to verify your references. After that, it will be your responsibilty to come and see the dog you are interested in within a very short time period. As well as the normal adoption form, you will be required to sign an additional form that is legally binding that will GUARANTEE that in the event of the homing failing, that YOU will bring the dog back to us at a time given by us. This will mean you may have to wait up to TWO WEEKS before bringing any dog back to us. You will also have to bear any costs involved in this yourself.

If you cannot agree to these conditions, then please do not apply. If you live outside our area and do not provide the information we have asked for on your original application (you should write the name of the organisation that has checked you and the date written on the certificate), it will be ignored.

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